About ED

Empyreal Dynamics is a world leader in new technologies. Our main fields of research are chemistry, nanotechnology, genetics and cyber technologies.

ED employs nearly 56 000 highly qualified scientists, researchers, engineers and scholars. Our main goal is to broaden the human race’s horizons and excel in new technology development and research.

The company’s CEO for the last 12 years has been Allan Ivers.

I do not want to create a company that will follow well-known paths. I want to set it out for others and show that a big business is able to do great things

– said Allan Ivers in 2005, taking over the CEO’s position after retiring Yi Ling Iyan’s retiring.

For more than 70 years, Empyreal Dynamics has been looking for new ways to improve our lives and broaden human knowledge. From new types of vaccines and super powerful nanomaterials used in the construction and defense industries to innovative data processing and content analysis systems, all of our projects have one common goal – making the world a better place.